>Hello Everyone,

My name is Zara. I decided to start this blog to share my tips, inspirations & fab secrets with women everywhere. This blog is not about one specific topic. I will be sharing my faves on everything. I will be discussing beauty products, hair care, restaurants, vacation, gadgets, and so on… I will basically be discussing everything I love. 

I am a 26 year old, mom of one, wife of 6 years, grad student, social worker, daughter, sister, aunt & friend. The point is I juggle many roles. I work every hard and invest 110% of myself into everything. Along the way I established several tricks of the trade to “luxuriate” and enjoy life. 

Generally, our role as a woman surrounds the idea of caring for others. Many times we are so geared towards fulfilling these roles that we may neglect or ignore our own needs or desires. My hopes for this blog is to remind women how important it is to pamper ourselves. We all deserve the best… and I want to share my ideas of how to achieve the best. 

Stay Tuned for tons of goodies