I wanted to share with you guys my must-have favorite gadget. My iPhone! I literally can manage my entire life with this gadget and I absolutely adore this device. 

Here is the back story to my iPhone dilemma. I was a loyal Verizon Wireless customer for 8 years. I love VZW, I must admit they are the best wireless carrier, hands down. They offer the best service, and outstanding customer service. Lets not much the freebies I have gotten over the years… but thats another topic for another day.

So last year this time I had a blackberry storm and was in the process of upgrading to the blackberry storm2. Unfortunately, although I had the latest smartphone being offered on VZW, it did not even compare to the glorious iPhone. So basically although I hated to leave VZW’s service; I left for AT&T’s flaky service and fabulous iPhone.

So I have been a iPhone user for almost a year and I am enjoying all the perks of having the best cell phone on the planet. However, I have a dropped call almost every time I have a conversation. Literally my iPhone drops calls ALL the time. I hate this, especially of years of perfect service with VZW. I immediately dreamed of the idea resolution to my dilemma…. A VZW iPHONE!

I have hoped all year that VZW would release an iPhone and then I would have the best of both worlds. What’s so exciting right now? I believe we are on the eve of witnessing one of the best business deals of all time.

Tomorrow during a press event in NYC, VZW is set to make a big announcement. Of course I hoping this is the launch of the long awaited and much needed VZW iPhone. All rumors and signs confirm that this is a strong possibility for tomorrow’s press event. 

I can’t wait to finally know the fate of VZW’s iPhone. If it is unveiled tomorrow, there is no need to say it but I will be first in line to purchase mine and port my number right back to VZW (where it belongs).

To be continued on 1/11/2011 at 11am 
Stay Tuned