Hi everyone,
It has been a while since my last post. I  took a much needed vacation in January. It was just a quick getaway, but sometimes that is all you need to relax, release and be refreshed. I took a family vacation, with my husband and son. We went to Washington DC, for 4 days.
We actually stayed in McLean, VA at the Ritz Carlton at Tyson Corners. Our hotel was just 15 mins, outside of DC. I loved our hotel, for the obvious reasons of course. You receive the best service at the Ritz, I identify the Ritz as a home away from home. The Ritz truly makes their guests feel welcomed and comfortable. I enjoyed a day of pampering at their heavenly spa. I did not want to leave.
The location of Ritz was great. The hotel is next to a luxury mall. The mall connects directly to the hotel’s lobby. The hotel offered a lot of dining options from PF Chang’s to Legal Seafood. It also offered tons of luxury shopping from Saks to Gucci to Chanel. I loved it! 

This made our evenings very simple. Everyone knows traveling with a toddler has it challenges. However it was such a breeze to walk over to the mall for dinner. 

Now I love the Ritz Carlton but I also love getting a deal. So how did I stay at this luxury hotel without breaking the bank??? 

This Ritz location is mainly used by people doing business in DC. Therefore on weekends and holidays the hotel is not busy and as a result they offer fabulous rates. My suggestion is when you are traveling do your research on hotels in the area. You may find that you can save money and get an upgrade at the same time