Hey everyone,

I wanted to discuss one of my favorite travel destinations… Las Vegas, NV. Now when I go to Las Vegas my agenda is to enjoy the exciting nightlife and amazing entertainment. Las Vegas is not really a place you can go to stay with the intentions of relaxing and escaping it all. My joke is once I get home from Vegas then I need a real vacation to relax and catch up on sleep.
Las Vegas is a very fast pace, high energy city. The Las Vegas strip is constantly busy. There is so much to see and do, the possibilities are endless. So let me give you my personal tour of Las Vegas and why I enjoy it so much.


Unlike Atlantic City, the casino/ hotels in Las Vegas are much more inexpensive. The rooms are made so affordable, so that people will go spend money elsewhere like in the casino. Also I find all the casinos / hotels on the Las Vegas strip are either new or newly renovated. This means no matter where you chose to stay you will enjoy all the modern comforts and upgrades. 

On my last trip to Las Vegas I stayed at Harrah’s which is directly across from Caesars. Harrah’s was a great choice because it is smack dead in the middle of all the action on the strip. Now my room at Harrah’s was great. My room was newly renovated and I had all luxuries and amenities as a 5 star hotel without the high price. I had a gorgeous view overlooking their pool and the Las Vegas strip, which was just breathtaking at night. I had flat screens in my bathroom. I mean the Ritz Carlton did even have that. So I bet you are wondering how much? Well I stayed in Las Vegas for 6 nights and the total cost of my room was just under $200. THAT’S IT! I got a fabulous room and even more fabulous price.

So when you are booking your hotel in Las Vegas do your research, and trust me there is always someplace else offering the same thing for less. 


When you check in at your hotel, always ask about what is comped? Las Vegas is the capitol of comps. There is always some freebies floating around. You just have to ask and the right people. What can you get comped??? Everything.

From dinner, to a VIP table at a club to a free night’s stay at a casino. 


My favorite Las Vegas nightclubs are Pure, JET & Tao. FYI all of these were in walking distance from Harrah’s. Ladies I know what you are thinking ( walking in heels, how far?) but I literally mean either right across the street or next door. Harrah’s location is absolutely perfect. 

Ok some quick info on the clubs, Pure is the best in my opinion. Pure is located in Caesars Palace and its divine and the ambiance is unmatched.  If you are in town, you must check it out. 

Also entry to these clubs can be very pricey and long line to get in is even worse. However, if you show up at the club during the day and look for the guys in suits with a clipboard. You can put yourself on the VIP list for that evening, its that simple. Then you show up that night and you are instantly VIP, no waiting on line and no paying. I love it.

Remember to grab a few free drinks in the casino before you hit the clubs.


The dining options in Las Vegas are endless. However, briefly I will tell you about my two favorite spots. For a lunch you have to check out the Burger Bar. It is located in Mandalay Bay. As you might have figured out they make burgers. However, the cool thing about the burger bar is you can order your burger ANY WAY you like. You can anything on your burger from caviar to fried eggs and its all amazing. Every time I go I get the Kobe Beef burger with sweet potatoes fries.  This place has never let me down.

My other favorite place to dine to Rao’s. Rao’s is located in Caesars Palace. Its the best Italian I have ever had in my life. Rao’s originated in Harlem, NY, but no one can get reservations there, they are booked up a year in advance it ridiculous, but that is a testament to how good it is. So for me the next best thing is  the Vegas location.  If you enjoy Italian you will not be disappointed.


While in Vegas there is just a few things you must do. Here is my top five must do things.

5. See the Water Show in front of the Bellagio. ~Its Breathtaking and the best Free show on the strip.~
4. Stop by a Pool Party. ~ Very Interesting Stuff~
3. Ride the Roller Coaster at New York, NY. ~Its attached to the building, why not free fall and see the strip in a whole new way (upside down).~
2. See a REAL Las Vegas Show.
1. Don’t sleep, ~You will miss all the action~