Hey, I just wanted to do a quick product review. I recently purchased the new Eco Styler gel with Argan Oil. This gel is very inexpensive, I paid $1.99 for the 12 oz. I purchased it at my local beauty supply. Eco Styler is available at so many locations. I am sure you can find it in your local drugstore, grocery store or beauty supply; if not you can order it online from numerous vendors. 

The products reads that it will add shine to your hair, while giving you max hold.  The hold on this product is a 10 the firmest hold that this company offers. The gel is very thick, it has the consitency of a paste. 

The gel goes on smooth, however the thickness of the product made it a little difficult to distribute throughout my hair evenly. Although the gel feels heavy it did not weigh down my hair. As it was going on my hair it smelled like pure rubbing alcohol. I hate that… yuck. 

As the gel dried it did give me curl definition, however it was drying very crunchy. In order to minimize the crunch. I applied some Jane Carter Nourish & Shine to my hair after it dried. This step completely eliminated the crunch and decreased any frizz. The final results… My curls were defined, bouncy & weightless. 

As for the ingredients, don’t believe the hype, Argan oil is the second to last ingredient. So this gel contains very little Argan oil. The plus about the ingredients however, is that this gel does not contain silicone, which is great.

Overall, this product is pretty decent. I will rate it a 3 of 5 stars. I will use this gel again, mostly for doing my hair to run out for errands or something. (when I want to preserve the good ish). This gel cannot replace some of my other gels. However, the fact that this can even compete with a $20 dollar gel, say it a lot.