Hello Guys, I hope all is well.  The weather has been beautiful lately.

Now that summer seems to have officially arrived. I thought I would share my absolute favorite body moisturizer for the summertime. My go-to summer lotion is Kiehl’s Creme de Corps!

Creme de Corps is a light- weight unscented lotion. Although it is a light-weight lotion it is very creamy and goes on smoothly. I love the fact that it is unscented so it does not interfere with whatever fragrance I am wearing.  I never wear scented lotions during the day for this purpose. I use heavily scented lotions for bedtime moisturizing only. 

Anyways, back to Creme de Corps, the best part about this lotion is when you apply it your skin glows! I know it sounds cheesy but honestly your skin is left with this beautiful shine to it. It makes your skin glow as if you are sun- kissed. I love it. When I apply this to my legs and arms they literally are shining all day. 

Now I can imagine what you are thinking, if a lotion provides that much sheen it must be greasy. Nope, not all, this lotion quickly observes into your skin after application. However, it leaves your skin ultra moisturized and glowing. You do not feel sticky or greasy at all.

Creme de corps also comes in a light-weight formula and it also comes with SPF. The price ranges from $10 for a 2.5oz  to $72 for 1liter. You can purchase this item from a Kiehl’s store or at a Kiehl’s counter in select department stores.

For more information visit:  www.kiehls.com

In order for you to see how wonderful this moisturizer is you have to try it for yourself. One of my subscribers will be receiving a bottle of Kiehl’s Creme de Corps (2.5oz). I will also be giving away 3 samples of Kiehl’s products, a face cream, toner & a cleansing masque. Kiehl’s is my favorite brand for skincare so I hope you enjoy the goodies.

Till next time