Hello Lovlies,

I want to share with you guys one of my favorite shopping tools, the Nordstrom debit card.  Ok so this Nordstrom card is not a line of credit. It’s a card that is linked to your bank account. Everytime you use your Nordstrom debit card the funds are either added or subtracted directly from your bank account. Therefore, you can never overspend or pay interest. There are no fees attached to this card nor is there any obligation about the card’s usage. However, there are tons of perks to having this card.

Although it is not a credit card, you still have all the perks and rewards of  someone who has a Nordstrom credit card. I get reward points for all of my purchases, which are later redeemed for Nordstrom notes ($20 certificates). I also have early access to all of Nordstrom sales or promotions before the general public.

If you shop at Nordstrom I would definitely recommend looking into this card. You can get information on this card by visiting Nordstrom or at Nordstrom.com.

Feel Free to ask any questions.

Next up is a product review for Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner. You know what that means, one of my subbies will be receiving a fabulous giveaway! 

Stay Tuned and have a great Saturday!