Hey guys

Lets talk guilty pleasures. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, something you love to indulge in but too embarrassed to admit it.

Ok, I will go first. I love movies. I am the ultimate movie buff. I can watch movies all day everyday. I love going to the movies and catching the newest flicks. During an ideal week, I will go to the movies about 3 times. Yes people, I am serious. 

I was thinking of doing movie reviews on my blog as well. To keep you guys up to speed with the newest movies out.

Anyways, back to my guilty pleasure. I love to critique movies, the acting, the writing it all captivates me. Due to my love of film in general, I sometimes love really bad movies. (I mean terrible). However, no matter how bad or low-budget I find the beauty in it; To me its all art. 

So my guilty pleasure is:

I am addicted to the Twilight Saga. I have to admit I like the Twilight Saga and I watch the movies over and over and over. HELP!

Ok, get a good laugh because now it is your turn. I am having a contest and I want you to reveal your guilty pleasure in the comments section. 

The person who has the funniest guilty pleasure will win a fab prize. To enter simply be subscribed to my blog and comment on this post with your guilty pleasure confession. This contest will close tomorrow, 7/1/2011 at 10pm eastern time.

You have 24 hours to comment. So lets hear it.