Hey Lovelies,

It’s time for a product review & of course I will be doing a giveaway! Just a reminder, I do giveaways after my product reviews and all you have to do to be entered is be subscribed to my blog.

So let’s get into the product review. Ok the Salley Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips have been my latest favorite thing. These nail stickers work great & give you an instant professional salon look at home.

These strips or stickers are very easy to apply to your nails. You just stick the strip onto your nail & shape it with a file to remove the excess sticker. It’s just that simple. It takes me about 15 mins for me to do all of my nails. The best part of it is there is no drying time!
Another thing I love about the strips is the fact that it doesn’t chip as easily as nail polish. I had a set last me a full two weeks before it started chipping, which is awesome! On average they usually last about 7-10 days before they start chipping. The package comes with 16 strips so you will have extra if you need to re-do a nail or two. One thing I have noticed is that some designs last longer than others. When you are done they are easily removed with nail polish.

These strips come in lots of different colors & designs. I usually only wear the design strips, but they do have basic colors for those of you who don’t like the designs. My favorite designs so far are misbehaved & check it out! FYI when I used the basic pink color it started chipping in a few days.

I will warn you the designs are very eye-catching. I have people stopping me all day asking to see my nails. However, that’s a testament to how pretty & professional the results are.

This product costs $10. Target sells it for the cheapest at $8.50 regularly. I usually buy them at Ulta because they always have a coupon floating around for 20% off your purchase.

So if you want to do something that is. quick, easy & fabulous at home. Check it out! (the design in the pic below is check it out)


The giveaway winner will be announced shortly.