Hey guys

I hope you all are having an exciting & safe holiday.

This is just a quick post to announce the winner of my guilty pleasures contest.

Ok guys there were only 3 entries, but I really enjoyed reading the entries. Thanks so much for sharing, it was a real treat to read.

I did select the winner & I decided that each entry was so revealing and interesting that all of you deserve a prize!

I ranked the entries as 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

The 3rd place winner is Tammarra!

You just snagged:

A sliver mesh ring from the London online boutique Asos!

The 2nd place prize goes to foodsweatandbears!

You just snagged:

Some very hot green fashion feather earrings!
I hope you love them!

Finally, the 1st place prize goes to dmd62!

You just snagged your very own Zara’s Favorite Things goodie bag!

This prize includes:

Sephora beauty accessories such as:

An eyelash curler & a facial cleanser
A Sephora eye makeup kit including a mascara, eye shadow & eye liner!

You also got a makeup brush & a Laura Mercier tinted lipgloss.

Plus you get tons of samples of some of my favorite products!

I hope you all enjoy your prizes it was soo much fun & thanks for participating!