I am sitting on my terrace, it’s a beautiful night. The air is cool and the sky is clear. I see an airplane in the distance and as I watch it float across the sky, I am thinking… I need a getaway.

It is quite possible that I have a little bit of the vacation blues because I am usually traveling this time of year. My wedding anniversary was this past Monday and my husband and I always take a trip. This year things just did not come together and we had to pass on taking our annual vacation. Although we have taken a couple little trips over the past year, like our family trip to DC, (I mentioned previously). There is just something magically and adventurous about our private getaways.

So as I take in the view from home and enjoy this beautiful evening. I realize escaping to my terrace is as far away as I am going to get.

So in honor of my anniversary, I want to share one of my favorite vacation destinations & a few memories from my best vacation ever, my honeymoon.

For our honeymoon we went to Montego bay, Jamaica and stayed at the Sandals resort. Before planning our trip my initial thought of Sandals resorts was… blah. I envisioned a cheesy, family resort. My travel agent at the time ensured us that it would be perfect. My thoughts of Sandals resort after my honeymoon… it surpassed perfection.

Sandals resort is a couples only all-inclusive resort. They have several locations in Jamaica as well other islands. We stayed at the Sandals Inn in Montego Bay. The sandals inn was a small location in comparison to the other locations in Jamaica. However, smaller location meant smaller price tag. Also Sandals offers free shuttles to and from their other resorts in the area. So because were staying in Montego Bay we had full access to all three Sandals resorts in the area.The other resorts were much larger and offered more all around. From international restaurants, night life, swim up bars, & everything you can imagine. The cool thing was we were able to take advantage off all the amenities & only retreat to our modest hotel to sleep.

Although we stayed at the smaller location, the accommodations were very luxurious. All of the hotels were beautifully decorated. Everything is designed for two. So if there is a hammock on the beach it can accommodate two. Everything was geared towards romance.

The best part of the experience was the customer service. The service was outstanding. The staff was excellent. When we first arrived we were greeted at the front gate with cocktails. The entire week was one big celebration.

The all-inclusive experience was completely worth it. All- inclusive literally meant everything. Unlimited food 24/7, unlimited drinks, transfers to and from the airport, gratuity, everything.

The food was amazing and the drinks were strong. I remember I tried all of these random drinks just for the heck of it because it was all included. I remember my husband and I were spending the afternoon in the pool at the swim-up bar. The bartender offered to make us a special drink. It was called a love potion 69. It was so delish I stayed right there and continued ordering them. I could go for one now.

While we were there we were enjoying ourselves so much that we signed up to be a Sandals Signature guest. This program earns you points for your stay and the points can be redeemed for cash towards your next trip to a Sandals resort. The points we earned from our honeymoon got us $500 off our next vacation! This was well worth signing up, $500 off your vacation! You can’t beat it!

If you are planning a vacation, check out Sandals, my own little paradise. I can’t wait to go back.