Hey Guys,

I just wanted to share a new travel tool I just discovered.

I have previously mentioned that I am a tech junkie. My ultimate gadget is my iPhone. One of the best features about the iPhone are the apps. There is literally an app for everything.

In my family we do a lot of traveling. Searching for flights or waiting for fares to drop is the most annoying & stressful part about planning a trip.

Well I just recently downloaded the kayak app. This app allows you to search for the cheapest flights because it posts all flights from other websites in one place.

Well the app has this alert feature so you can put in your criteria of what flights you are looking for and set your max price you are willing to pay. The app sends a push notification to your phone on a daily or weekly basis notifying you of any drop in the fares. This is great! It takes all the hassle out of waiting for that perfect flight and fare to pop up. This app just eliminated the only thing I dread about vacation planning.

The app also other useful features such as, flight tracker, to make sure your flight is on time.

Just another reason I love the iPhone! The apps makes life soooo much easier.