Hey Guys

As I perviously mentioned I ordered some stuff from the ELF website. When I got home today, I was happy to see my package had arrived. I was so excited about this order that I thought I would share it with you guys in a haul post!

So just to recap I ordered all of this stuff after finding an amazing coupon code for the ELF website. The coupon code gave me 50% off all their products from their studio line.

Ok so I ordered :

  1. Angled Foundation Brush $3.00
  2. Blush Brush $3.00
  3. Brush Shampoo $3.00
  4. Complexion Brush $3.00
  5. Daily Brush Cleaner $3.00
  6. Dual Mirror Compact $3.00
  7. Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 $3.00
  8. High Definition Powder $6.00
  9. Hollywood Eyelashes $3.00
  10. Small Brush Holder $5.00
  11. Small Smudge Brush $3.00

The prices listed above are the original prices, keep in mind I got 50% off the list price!

As for first impressions I am very satisfied. The shipping was very quick, the customer service/customer communication was great.

I originally went on the ELF website for the brushes. The four brushes that I ordered really impressed me. The construction of the brushes appear to be very sturdy. The brushes are so soft, the design and size of the brushes seem to be great as well. Of course I will be doing a formal review once I have used these brushes for a while.

Another item that impressed me right off the bat was the HD powder, just based off the packaging and texture of the product. I still have to try it out, but for the price of $3 it seems well worth it already.

So overall first impressions of the ELF products are pretty good. I am eager to try all the stuff I got. So stay tuned for reviews and more feedback.