Hey Subbies,

This is a quick update on me. I have been on vacation for the past several days. I am having a fabulous vacation in Las Vegas. Luckily, I left the NY, NJ right before all of the hurricane warnings. I hope everyone is safe back home.

So I have been in Vegas since Wednesday, 8/24. I got an amazing price of course on my room. Check out some of my previous posts for promo codes to Vegas Caesars properties, if your are interested.

So far, I have gotten in some great shopping. So you guys know I have been on a makeup kick since before I left. Well I was able to get some great goodies at Inglot. Inglot is a very affordable yet high quality makeup brand. I was so excited about my purchases from them. I will share them with you guys later.

I have done some great dining including my fave Rao’s at Caesars.

Last night I saw Kelly Rowland perform at the Chateau night club!


I had a bad experience at Chateau though it doesn’t compare to the experience you get at other Vegas nightclubs. The staff was terrible I will do a more detailed post about Chateau. I did see Tyson Chandler at Chateau that was cool.

I have a few more days of vacay. I have a show to see and few more activities planned. I also have to get in some relaxation time.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more of vacation details.

Also when I return home, I will be doing an ELF giveaway so look forward to that.