Hey Guys,

Ok so with the fall semester behind me, I started my winter break reading. I have a few books on my reading list so I am excited to get to them. During the semester I feel too guilty reading a book recreationally. I feel like I should only concentrate on my class readings and in Grad school there is always tons of readings to do; so this is my time to indulge.

Ok so I just finished reading, Thank God I’m natural by Chris-Tia E. Donaldson. This book was a very informative read. The book is dedicated to Natural Hair. There is tons of helpful information about caring for natural hair. The book includes recipes for homemade hair products. It also includes photos for natural hairstyles. It also has a very detailed FAQ section. The book also offers a lot of history as well, some of which was very eye-opening. The best part for me was the glossary of terms. This book has a glossary that defines ingredients commonly found in hair products and their intended purpose.

The book reads kind of like a textbook. There is such a wealth of information jammed in the book, that it could be a bit overwhelming and tedious to read.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I will use this book as a reference guide. I can refer to it for any natural hair question. I think this book is worth having on hand if you are a natural like myself.

Now on to my next book. I am loving this break.