Hey Guys,

This post is a quick update about
my natural hair. I have been tranistioning to natural since September 2010. I am finally at the home of stretch of my transitioning process. I have decided to do my “CHOP” in late April a little before my birthday. I can’t call it a big chop because there is very little hair left to cut off. I have had 2 major haircuts during my transition. So this cut will be to get off the last bit of straight ends and create my shape (cut my hair into a style). I will be getting my haircut at the Devachan Salon in Soho, NY. I am very excited about that. I got my hair cut last year at DevaChan and loved it. Check out my post on that if you have not already.

Overall, I am so looking forward to completing my tranisiton. On a personal note there was a lot of changes happening my life. It feels as though this past year & a half has just been a huge transitioning period for me overall. I feel as though this is all coming to a close as well. So I am just really looking forward to ending this transitioning phase.

I will definitely keep you guys posted with my experience at DevaChan as well as pics of my cut. I still have a little more time to go but the countdown is on!