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Its time for a product review! Ok so I have been loving the Real Techniques brushes. I really think that they were my best beauty find of 2011. It is extremely hard to find quality makeup brushes that are affordable. This is what sets real techniques apart from other brands. The brushes are very reasonably priced and yet you are not sacrificing performance.

Ok, so prices, the individual brushes range from $5.99 – $9.99 and the brush sets costs $17.99 at Ulta. I have tried the entire line of brushes and I am going to give you guys a quick overview of them all. The brushes are designed by Samantha Chapman, who is a makeup artist and has a YouTube channel with her sister. The channel is pixiwoo. I really do recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. They do amazing makeup tutorials and give great beauty tips.

You can buy these brushes at Ulta, Amazon & the website realteachiques.com. I prefer Ulta because they usually have sales and they always have coupons.

The Brushes:

The lash brow groomer $5.99-  This brush helps tame your brows and it has a comb on the opposite side to comb out your lashes. This works great to help separate your lashes after applying mascara.

The Foundation Brush $7.99- This is an angled foundation brush. This is the smoothest foundation brush ever, its lovely for liquid foundations, but I use it for moisturizer and primer.

The powder Brush $9.99 – This is a huge fluffy powder brush. It is very soft and feels great on the skin. It soo large that it can also be used as a body brush to apply bronzing powder.

The shading Brush $5.99- This is great eyeshadow brush. I use it to apply base eyeshadows. Its pretty small which makes it very easy to work with.

The blush Brush $8.99-  This brush is for blush, contouring & can be used for powder as well. This brush is also pretty large for a blush brush. It also has an almost pointed tip, which I thought was pretty unique. Most people love this brush, however it does not work great for me. I find that when I use it for blush, the blush does not really transfer to my skin, it just stays on the brush and I have to use a lot of product to achieve the look I want.

The stippling Brush – The stippling brush is one of my favorites. It can be used for liquid and cream foundations. It can also be used for cream and powder blushes. This is a dual-fiber brush and it applies product effortlessly. The bristles on the brush are very densely packed, which is what makes it work so well for me. I like this brush way better than my MAC 187.

The Kabuki Brush $9.99- Ok this is one of the softest brush I have ever used. It’s great for powdering your face. Whats cool about this brush is that it unfolds and turns into a brush that can be used for contouring or blush.

Ok, so these were the individual brushes. I really like the design. The individual brushes have a rubber base and they can stand on their own.

The sets:

The core collection – This collection contains four brushes, the buffing brush, pointed foundation, contour brush & the detailer brush. My favorite brush in this set is the buffing brush which I use the same way I use the stippling brush. However, this helps you really buff your foundation in for an almost airbrushed finished. The pointed foundation brush is teeny tiny for a foundation brush. I use it for concealer. The contour brush works great it also has a small pointed tip . The detailer brush is tiny eyeshadow brush for detail work, it makes a better lip brush though.

The starter set- This set contains five eye brushes, the accent brush, brow brush, eyeliner brush, deluxe crease brush & base shadow brush. They overall all work well. I like them because they are very easy to work it.  I like the name the starter set, because it would be good for someone just starting out in makeup. The brushes are just so easy to use and can be used in any eye look.

The travel essential collection- The set contains three brushes, the essential foundation brush, the domed shadow brush & the multi-task brush. I feel like this is a travel must-have. You can get by on a trip with just these three brushes. The multi-task brush can be used for powder foundation and blush. The domed shadow brush an ideal eyeshadow brush can be used for base shadows and placing color in your crease. Its creates an amazing smokey eye. The domed shadow brush can also be used as a concealer brush. I love this set.

All of the sets come in a very compact carrying case which doubles as a stand for the brushes.

Overall, I love these brushes they are very easy to use. The bristles are synthetic taklon and all the brushes are hand-cut.  You can check out more information and see demos of these brushes at:  www.realtechniques.com

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