Hey Guys,

I saw the hunger games!

I recently read the hunger games book and I loved it! It was such a captivating & amazing story. So I have been really anticipating the movie premiere.

So the movie was excellent. I feel like overall it was a good portrayal of the book. The characters were also well represented.

There were a couple things left out but nothing that crucial to the story.
Overall, I loved it!

It’s a must-see.

Sidebar- I went to an AMC Dine-in theater and I had a fabulous experience. At the Dine in theaters you have reserved seating. So that was a great perk especially for a sold out movie. You also get your own server and can order just about anything.
They had starters, burgers and even desserts. They also had a great adult beverage selection.

It was just a great way to enjoy this amazing movie.

By the way I am reading Catching Fire (book 2) now.

Till next time

~May the odds be ever in your favor