Hey Guys,

Since I mentioned Illamasqua a few times recently, I decided to do a product review on my thoughts of the brand.

Illamasqua is a makeup brand based out of the UK. Illamasqua is credited for their bold concepts and innovative makeup creations. I first heard about Illamasqua from Pixiwoo on YouTube. When I saw Illamasqua at my local Sephora I just had to give it a try.

I have tried their:

• cream & powder blushers
• the rich liquid foundation
• intense lip gloss
•cream pigment
•Pure pigment

So I feel like I can form a pretty good opinion on Illamasqua’s products. Alright, so you guys know that I love the Rich liquid foundation. One of the main reasons I like it, is because it is extremely pigmented and can cover anything including tattoos.

I think that pigmentation is what makes this brand stand out to me. All of their products are highly pigmented and display a very vibrant color. Their products never look chalky or dull.

Their lip gloss has great staying power. Even thought it goes on sticky, it is surprisingly moisturizing.

The cream blusher feels like silk, it’s freakishly smooth and light.

I got the pure pigment in color ore, which looks like a very fine gold glitter. Its gorgeous, check out my swatch below.

I must say that I am a sucker for packaging. If a product’s packaging is not appealing, I won’t be eager to buy or even try the product. I feel as though packaging is an important representation of the level of quality you are getting in the product. I must say I love Illamasqua’s packaging. All of the packaging is sleekly designed and yet very practical. For example, the foundation bottle is a squeeze bottle, which I think is brilliant. Pumps on foundation can be flimsy and bulky. They can also either pump too little or too much product, however with the squeeze bottle you have full control. Overall, I think Illamasqua has very “smart” packaging.

Illamasqua is also well-known for their latest foundation released last year. The Illamasqua skin base foundation, is inspired by Asian BB creams. This foundation is suppose to be great for every skin type and their best foundation yet. So of course, I have wanted to try this. However until just recently you could only buy this product from the UK, which discouraged me from getting it.

Just this week I noticed that the skin base foundation was listed on Sephora’s site! Yes, you can now get this highly anticipated product here in the US! Since Sephora was having their beauty insiders sale this week, I took advantage of the discount and ordered mine!
I will definitely offer you guys my feedback once I get it and use it for a bit.

Overall, Illamasqua is an exciting brand that offers something for everyone. Illamasqua has definitely made my faves!

Look out for more about Illamasqua!


Swatch of Ore pigment