Hey Guys,

I thought I would offer you guys a quick overview of BB creams, as they are becoming increasingly popular now in the US. So BB cream stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. BB creams originated in the Asian beauty market and is described as an all in one product. A BB cream can be used as a primer to be worn under your foundation to help your foundation last and control shine. It provides coverage, so it can be worn alone. BB creams also protects the skin from UV exposure with SPF. BB creams may also offer other skin care benefits. So its not exactly a tinted moisturizer because of the added skin care benefits. So basically, it’s a cross between makeup & skin care.

BB creams have becoming increasingly popular in the US and several brands are now offering BB creams. However, because BB creams were originally created for Asian women they only came in one shade. Although the product type has become very popular most companies are still only producing one shade. Smashbox is one of the few companies that offers more than one shade. I believe Smashbox makes their BB cream in 6 different shades. If you would like to try out BB creams I suggest checking out Smashbox because they offer more options.