Hey Guys,

So I have a really exciting product review to share with you. It’s the Sigma Beauty Cleansing and Polishing Tool. Sigma Beauty is an online Beauty store that sell tons of goodies.
I recently discovered this product because I was exploring getting a clarisonic for exfoliation & deep cleansing. However, a clarisonic costs $200+ and honestly I couldn’t imagine spending this much for a cleansing tool.

While browsing Sigma Beauty’s website, I came across this product and what immediately intrigued me was the very affordable price of $39. Also when you spend more than $30 at sigma you get a free gift, which made this an even better value.

So because of this fabulous price I decided to give it a try and I am so happy I did. So this a cleansing tool, it can be used for deep facial cleansing, face & body exfoliation.
So it is basically the same concept as the clarisonic. The sigma beauty cleansing & polishing tool comes with 3 brush heads. Each brush head has a different level of firmness which provides different levels of exfoliation.
I use the softest brush head for daily facial deep cleansing and exfoliation where as the firmness brush is intended for body exfoliation.
This tool is water resistant not waterproof meaning it is ok to use in the shower, but not ok to fully submerge in water.
This tool is battery operated. I use rechargeable batteries in order to save on the added cost of replacing batteries. I use this tool twice a day for about 2 weeks before the batteries began to loose power.

Overall, I am very pleased with the performance of this product. It has two settings a slow speed and a high speed.
One warning though, when you switch to high speed, it spits water and soap all over. This took some getting use to, but it can be controlled.

I love the packaging and case it comes in, it’s very feminine and chic. You know I am sucker for cute packaging.

I think this is an amazing product at an even more phenomenal price.



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