Hey guys,

I just wanted to share with you my new favorite shopping tool, the Target Debit Card. Ok, so I just recently learned that in addition to Target’s regular store credit card they now offer debit cards!

The perks of the debit card include 5% off all purchases as well as free shipping when you shop online. I shop at Target all the time so this was very appealing to me.

The way the card works is that it is linked to your checking account and when you make purchases the funds are electronically debited from you account. This is much better than a credit card, because it’s the same as using your cash but with added bonuses.  You can also get cash back up to $40, which is also great. It can save you the trip to the ATM!

Ok, so you can apply for the card in-store at a register or guest services. I went into my local target. I handed the store associate a blank check along with my ID. I also had to provide my social. I verified all of my information on the keypad and that’s it.  I got my approval and temporary card instantly, the entire process took about two minutes,  it was so easy. They returned the voided check to me and I was done. I was able to start taking advantage of my card’s perks that day! You can also mail in your card application if you prefer.

I got my real card in the mail within a few days. I am really happy with this debit card, it’s a great money-saving tool for me. I hope this was helpful.

Have a beautiful day!