Hi All,

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. As I previously mentioned, I have been transitioning to my natural hair texture since September 2010. At the end of April, I was scheduled for my final haircut of my transitioning process. I was so excited to get my cut done at the Devachan salon in Soho, NY. I have had my hair cut there several times, however this cut was very important to me.

Devachan specializes in curly hair. They have a unique method of cutting curly hair dry and in it’s natural state. What is cool about getting your hair cut dry, is that you see how the shape and style is turning out as you go along. So you get a good preview of your final look and that way there are no surprises.
Overall, I had an amazing experience at DevaChan. The level of service is amazing. I also love how the stylists are so knowledgeable. While you are getting your hair done your stylist gives you tips about caring for your hair. I find that really helpful, because the stylist also examines the health and condition of your hair and gives you tips and suggestions accordingly. My favorite part of the DevaChan experience is the wash station. The wash station is designed so that you are laying down under a canopy while your hair is being washed. It is very relaxing as well as private.

So my goal for this cut, was to cut off the remainder of my straight ends and create a cute shape for my hair. This will also allow my hair to grow out evenly and remain in a style. It is very important when you have curly hair that you have a good cut and shape to your hair. I was very pleased with my final results. My stylist really took her time and I absolutely love my final results.