Hi Lovelies,

This will be a review of the bag that is featured in my What’s in my work bag post. I am currently running a contest in which I will be giving away a brand new smiling face bag. Please see that post for the contest details. So I decided to review this bag to give you more details on the bag.

Ok, so I bought this bag from a website called VJ-Style. The current cost of the bag is $36.99. I will include a link to the website and bag below. This bag comes in all back or black & white. I purchased this bag to use as a work bag, because I felt as though it looked like a fun girly “briefcase”. It features two top handles and a zippered pocket in the front. Those details makes the bag look like a robot face. However, that is where the name smiling face bag comes from. As I mentioned this bag is inspired by the Celine tote bag, however this is not a replica bag.

This bag is made of a very high quality faux leather. This bag is extremely pliable and soft. This is a pro & a con, because it is so soft that it makes it very easy to carry and you can really pack it up nicely. However, because it is so soft the bag can crease. In order to avoid creases, I just store this bag stuffed with something to help keep the shape and eliminate any creases. Don’t get me wrong, although the bag is pretty pliable it still has structure and shape to it.

This bag features gold hardware and gold zippers. The zippers features faux leather zipper pulls, which I love. The zippers also are of good quality, they are very smooth and I think over time they will wear very nicely.

The inside is like a plum satiny material. I find that if you had to clean the bag the interior will be pretty easy to clean. The inside has one zip pocket on one side and two cell phone pockets on the other side.

My favorite feature is the zipper closure on the side of the bag. The zipper has a button that snaps to the side of the bag. Please see the picture below. I think that is a very sophisticated feature and it really dresses up the bag a bit.

I can carry this bag by hand or on my shoulder. I think this is another cool feature and makes it very versatile for any workplace. The bag also has feet on the bottom.

Another fun feature is that you can pull the sides of the bag out for a more casual tote look, or you can stuck them in for a more structured briefcase look.

Although this bag is pretty massive and will hold several books and a tablet or laptop. I do not pack this bag to capacity, because I am not sure of the durability of the straps and I want this bag to last for a long time.

So there is my review. If you are interested in winning this bag. Please follow the link to the corresponding post. The contest ends soon, so check it out.


Check out this bag at VJ Style: http://www.vj-style.com/smiling-face-bag-p-307.html