Hi guys,

I get tons of questions about my hair care routine & what products I use. So I opted to do this post as a reference guide for those of you who are interested in Natural Hair Care.

Ok, so just a little about my hair. I have been growing out my natural hair since September 2010. I officially chopped of the remainder of my straight ends this past April. Since then I have been loving my natural hair and the simplicity of my hair care routine. My curl pattern is about 3C / 4A.

So here is an overview of my hair routine. I will do an additional post outlining my favorite products.

1. I cleanse my hair using a sulfate free shampoo or shampoo bar.

2. I saturate my hair with a silicone free conditioner, I separate my hair into 4 sections & detangle each section using my denman brush or Mason Pearson comb.

3. After detangling I rinse out my hair. I do not completely rinse out all of the conditioner. I leave my hair still coated with some of the conditioner & that serves as my leave-in conditioner.

4. Time for styling, I then apply my styling product to each section racking the product through my curls. I allow my hair to air dry & I am done.

5. To add additional moisture after my hair is dry I scrunch in some oil or a pomade.

I repeat these steps every 2-3 days. I also deep condition my hair at least twice a month, by just leaving the conditioner in for 30 mins with a plastic cap.

Well that’s it guys, may hair care routine very quick & easy.

Feel free to ask questions.

Look out for my post about my favorite natural hair products.