Hi Guys,

I wanted to share a quick story. So ever since MAC released their limited lipstick Candy Yum-Yum in Spring 2011. For those who do not know, Candy Yum-Yum is a gorgeous neon pink lipstick, like no other. I had to get my hands on a tube. Unfortunately, the highly anticipated color sold out before I could snag one. I waited patiently for MAC to re-promote this lipstick and finally over a year later, Candy Yum-Yum was included in a recent collection, MAC by Request. Where the fans got to vote back their faves to be sold in this exciting collection.

Candy Yum-Yum went on sale this Monday. I finally had my chance I added it to my cart and during my checkout out process it sold out and my order was not processed! I called customer service and spoke with a supervisor about my experience. The supervisor took my information and assured me that someone will contact me if something could be done. I reluctantly awaited a call back and finally today I received a call from a MAC supervisor! I was informed that MAC was going to restock Candy Yum-Yum and offered to  complete an order for me before it went live on the website. Thankfully, I was given that courtesy call because once the restock went live it sold out again in less than 30 mins.

Kudos to MAC for resolving this issue so quickly & diligently. I honestly feel as though that was concierge-level of customer service, it was personalized & excellent service. It shows that they are truly aimed at customer satisfaction. I am very pleased.

Candy Yum-Yum is on the way! Look out for swatches later.

Check out MAC By Request: