Hi Guys,

We are well into Fall now and I have been loving some of this year’s fashion trends. I wanted to share a few trends with you.

So the trend I wanted to share with you today, is the hidden wedge hi-top sneaker. This trend has been increasingly more popular since last winter. The designer Isabel Marant released this fun shoe and since then they have been popping up all over.

I, myself do not wear sneakers often at all, I prefer wearing boots in the fall and winter months. However, this year I wanted to try a cute trend so I decided to go for the wedge hitops. Now because I wasn’t sure if I was going to even like this look, I did not splurge on the Isabel Marant’s.

Instead, I picked up two more affordable versions, one from ASOS & another from Target. Surprisingly, Target released a really cute version of this shoe for a great price. They are called the Selma sneaker and they cost $30. They are super comfortable and I believe it has a 3 inch wedge heel. These have been my favorite shoes this season.

The ASOS sneakers were more pricey at $60. However, the ASOS sneaker are not as comfortable or as nice as the Selma in my opinion.

Check out some pics.

First the Selma Sneaker:




The ASOS wedge sneaker:



Overall, I am loving this trend for fall. It is a comfy way to still wear a higher heel & a way to be sporty yet very fashionable. I love it!

Hope you enjoyed!