Hi guys

I wanted to share a great shopping tip with you all. I feel like this will be a fabulous shopping tip to pick something up for yourself during the holiday season.

As you may already know I really do enjoy trying out new cosmetics. Well, many high-end brands release holiday gift sets. Purchasing a gift set is an excellent way to try out a high-end brand that you have been wanting to test out.
Most brands will create a gift set that has a lot of their most popular products in it. It is also usually more affordable, so you’re also getting a discount on what you would pay, if you were to purchase these items individually.

So I have been wanting to try the Tarte Cosmetics LipSurgence for a while now. However, individually they are priced at $24, which is quite pricey for a lip product in my opinion. Especially if you are unsure if you are going to actually love the product.
So I was recently browsing in Ulta and I came across a Tarte cosmetics LipSurgence gift set that included five LipSurgence. This gift set was priced at $34 but it is actually a retail value of $120. I also had a coupon to receive 20% off my purchase, which brought the price of the gift set down to about $26 or $27. So I actually was able to test out five different LipSurgences for the price that I would’ve paid for one regularly.
Additionally, these were all full-size products, so again I’m actually being able to get five for the price of one.

I noticed this trend all over and looking at a lot of other high-end brands they all have great holiday gift sets. So if there is a brand you were looking to try this season, while you are out shopping for others have a look around and see if there’s a gift set that you could take advantage of such a great value. Again I feel like this is an economical way to try out brands that you would normally not purchase. It is also perfect because you’re trying out their most popular items. When these companies create these gift sets, they include their best selling items.

So I hope this was a helpful shopping tip!