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I wanted to share a really fun post about Louis Vuitton. This post is dedicated to anyone out there who is looking to purchase their very first Louis Vuitton bag.

I wanted to share some of my recommendations and shopping tips for purchasing your first Louis Vuitton. If you are new to the brand picking out your first bag can become a little overwhelming. Louis Vuitton has gorgeous bags as well as many different styles. Therefore, it may become difficult to pick which bag is best for you.

If you are in the market of purchasing your very first Louis Vuitton bag, I will recommend going with one of their most iconic bags, the Speedy 30.
I would recommend selecting the Speedy 30 in the Damier Ebene Canvas.
The Speedy 30 is a versatile top handle bag that can easily be dressed up or dressed down. I feel as though the 30 is the perfect size for everyday. The 25 can be a little small depending on your frame and the 35 and 40 can begin to look like luggage & like you are toting around a duffel bag all day. The 30 is super spacious and again I feel as though it’s the ideal size for everyday use.
Due to the fact that this is a top handle bag it could be worn handheld or in the fold of your elbow. Although this is a handheld bag it is surprisingly comfortable to carry because the bag is so lightweight it makes it very easy to carry around.


I recommended Damier Ebene canvas for several reasons. Firstly, the Damier Ebene Canvas is Louis Vuitton’s original signature print. Many people believe that the Monogram LV Canvas is the signature print, when in fact that print was introduced later by Louis Vuitton’s son.
Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a truly classic piece I would recommend purchasing something in the Damier Ebene Canvas.

Another reason that I would purchase the Damier Ebene Canvas over the Monogram LV canvas is that the Damier Ebene canvas comes with the dark brown treated leather. Where as the Monogram LV Canvas comes with the untreated vacheta leather. In my opinion the untreated leather requires a little bit more maintenance because you have to be mindful to not get stains or water spots on the bag as it will patina unevenly.
Also I feel like if you are new to the brand, you may be unaware of how the untreated leather ages & you may not know how to properly care for it.

So I hope these tips were helpful and happy shopping!