Hi guys,

I am super excited to share one of my recent LV purchases with you all.

I have been on the hunt for this bag since June 2012 and I am very happy to finally add it to my collection.

So this purchase is very important to me because I consider it to be my Holy Grail Bag. Now I always have tons of faves but I rarely call something a “HG”. So this is huge for me!

Ok a little background, I am serious fan of Louis Vuitton. Over the years I’ve been eyeing this bag and for one reason or another I always passed it up. When I finally decided to purchase this bag, it’s availability was very limited. I search for months for this bag and then I got the shocking news that Louis Vuitton had retired this particular bag.

I was very disappointed to learn that I could no longer purchase this bag new from Louis Vuitton and I had to make the decision to search for a “new” pre-owned item. Since I was searching for a new bag (a bag that was still in new condition) it took me months to find one that was acceptable to me.

So I purchased this bag from a reputable website as well as a trusted seller. Before making my purchase I had this bag authenticated through two different sources. After I got confirmation of its authenticity I was very excited to make the purchase.

So I love this bag for several reasons.
Firstly, the bag shape is Louis Vuitton’s most iconic shape. Secondly, I wanted a bag that I could really dress up yet still wear on a daily basis. I also wanted a bag that was a little more subtle than the monogram bags.




Gorgeous black Epi leather.


I got the Iconic Epi Speedy 30 in Black!
This bag is a variation of the classic Speedy bag. This bag has a few additional features that are not on the monogram speedy bags. This bag come with an external pocket, which I love. It has an additional pocket on the inside. It also has silver hardware versus Louis Vuitton’s usual brass hardware.

I am very pleased so glad I was able to add this bag to my collection! I hope you guys enjoyed!

Feel free to ask questions.

Take care