Hello lovelies,
Happy Friday!

Today I will be doing a review on the Rebecca Minkoff MAC. I am giving away a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in my two year blog anniversary giveaway, so I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on this bag with you all.

So first the name of the bag is MAC which stands for morning after clutch. I own the regular size called the MAC. However, I will be giving away the mini MAC which is the smaller version. The dimensions of the MAC are 11″W x 8″H x 2″D.

This bag is super versatile it can be worn without the straps as a clutch. It can be worn as a shoulder bag with the straps at a shorter length or can be worn longer as a Cross-body bag.

I would say that this is literally the best bag to take with you on a trip because it can be worn so many different ways, for so many different types of occasions.

Another cool feature of this bag is the hardware, this bag comes in several different types of hardware. You can get gold, silver, antiqued brass, & black. There are just so many options when it comes to the hardware & colors for this bag. The dogleash style clip in the front of the bag makes such a statement & really accents the bag very nicely. Another great accent detail is the studs that go across the buttom of the bag. I feel like this offers dual purpose, it’s definitely an accent of the bag design, however it also serves as feet for the bag to help the bag stand up and protect the bottom of your bag.

The interior of the MAC has four pockets. I also like how the interior lining matches the pattern on the dustbag. The bag also has an exterior pocket in the front of the bag concealed under the dogleash clip. This pocket is pretty pointless for me. I guess it would be useful for storing important papers or receipts but the dog leash clip makes it very difficult to access.

So I have mine in black leather with black hardware. I love this bag in black it makes it so easy to dress up or dress down.

I think my favorite thing about this bag is the texture of the leather. The leather is so soft and smooth it is just absolutely gorgeous.

When I first got the bag it started out more structured. The leather was a little more stiff although it was still smooth to touch it wasn’t very soft and pliable. The more I used the bag, the better the leather became. It is so soft that it almost melts when you sit it down, I completely love it!

The MAC retails for $295, the mini MAC retells for $195. This bag is sold at numerous retailers so I’m sure you can find one at a discounted price out there.

I hope you enjoyed this review & to be entered to win your very own Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC please check that giveaway at: