Hi guys,

I wanted to share some of my shopping tips with you all. I frequently get asked questions about my shopping tips and how I find such great deals. I am also asked how I manage to purchase certain high ticket items. So I figured I’d share some of my tips with everyone.

So welcome to class~ Power Shopping 101~

1. Plan out your shopping trips as well as purchases. Every time I plan on going shopping or making a purchase I am strategic about it. I rarely buy things randomly or off of impulse. I usually plan my purchases ahead of time. This allows me to comparative shop and check prices from other stores.
So I suggest before you plan on shopping you should do a couple of things. First, decide what you need or what exactly you are shopping for. Then set your budget & do price comparisons. Finally, set out to only purchase that item.

2. Sales are great but sales get better with time. I am rarely lured into the first day of a major sale unless it’s a private early access event. Sell items are usually marked down further with time. So I suggest checking out a few items and keeping your eye on them and when your price drops further then grab it!

3. Out with the, old, unused and sometimes new. I am a true believer of getting rid of things that I do not use. If there is something that is sitting in my closet practically new and I just haven’t gotten use out of it, I will sell it. An example of this is, if I purchased a trendy item & then I no longer like the trend. Instead of just letting it sit there and my money be wasted, I sell it. Then use that money and invest it in something that would be more practical for me. I do this especially with high ticket items if I invest in an expensive handbag and it doesn’t serve my needs or I don’t love the bag as much as I thought I would, I do not keep it. I sell it and then I can use that money and put it towards something else. This is why I’m always strategic in my purchases because I purchase items that I feel like will retain their value. When I make a decision to sell an item, my preferred marketplace is eBay. It’s super easy to sell something on eBay. It is very safe and usually I can sell an item within a day or two and it’s great!

Honestly, these three easy steps are what makes me such a smart shopper! I plan, I wait and then I evaluate.

Hope these tips were helpful.

Happy Shopping