Hello Everyone,

As you may have seen in my post earlier this week about my NYC shopping trip, I made a very exciting purchase at Balenciaga.
If you haven’t already, you check out that post here:



Well that day I did go into the city with one special purchase in mind. In case you haven’t realized it yet, handbags are kind of my thing. Handbags are definitely what I like to splurge on. So I was planning on treating myself to something extra special & memorable to celebrate my last semester of grad school! Guys, I am very excited that after all of my grueling hard work, the end is in sight! So to kick off my last semester & give myself some momentum, I decided why not get my graduation gift now!
So that’s exactly what I did. Now I knew I wanted a handbag, that was kind of a given for me. I wanted to get something out of ordinary for me, so Louis Vuitton was out. I knew I wanted an all leather bag that was a classic & that I would be able to carry for years & years to come.
Now some other bags I considered were:

*Alexander Wang Rooco bag
*Chanel Jumbo double flap
*Proenza Schouler PS1

All of these bags were gorgeous, however I ended up choosing Balenciaga.

I had never purchased from Balenciaga so of course I did my research. I researched their leathers, colors, bag designs, durability as well as pricing.

In my research I learned that Balenciaga leather bags are so desirable because they are super soft & unstructured. They also come in very standout colors season to season. I wanted something neutral & classic so I knew wanted a black bag.
I also loved how Balenciaga bags do not have any branding or logos on them. So unless you know the brand & bag, you couldn’t tell what kind of bag this is. This is a huge change from my Louis Vuitton bags, that are quite bold & obvious. I love that this bag is still stunning without advertising what brand I’m wearing.

So let’s see what I ended up getting:


Big gift box


Large dustbag!


Introducing my brand-new Balenciaga City Bag in black with regular hardware


I am very excited to own this Classic Timeless bag!


Spacious interior with three pockets


Famous Balenciaga mirror attached to the bag & tucked away in the exterior pocket!


Super soft & pliable leather


Ok guys this is latest addition to my handbag collection. Feel free to ask any questions, if you are considering purchasing this bag, I would be glad to help.

Have a great weekend!