Hello Everyone,

It is time to announce the Giveaway Winner for the VJ Style Motor Bag. I was very happy to hear that a lot of you guys really enjoyed the review of this handbag! It is a super versatile & fun bag. I am also glad that a lot of you guys are excited about this giveaway, so let’s get to it!

The winner of this giveaway will receive their very own brand-new VJ style motor bag in black!

As always after every product review I will be announcing a giveaway. To be automatically entered to win my giveaways, you simply have to be a subscriber of my blog.

The winner of the VJ style motor bag is:


Congratulations! I hope you love the bag! Feel free to give us an update and tell us how you’re loving your bag!

Once again I hope everyone enjoyed the review of the VJ style motor bag.

I’m glad that this was such an exciting giveaway!
Stay tuned for the next one!

Have a great day!