Happy Friday!

So a few weeks back when I did my Power Shopping 101 post, I received a request to share some of my eBay buying tips.

So here it is, and thank you for the request.

I absolutely love shopping on eBay, it is the only marketplace where you can literally buy just about anything. It is particularly great for fashion finds and vintage shopping. If you can’t find an item in stores, eBay is a great alternative. Private sellers and boutiques from all over the world use eBay & it is a great way to save on the high ticket items.

Ok so here are some of eBay buying tips.

1. Narrow your search-enter as many specifics about the item you are shopping for, that way you are most likely to find the exact item that you are searching for not just similar looking items.

2. Check out the seller – Once you have located an item of interest. Investigate the seller a little. Check out the seller’s feedback & reputation. Verify if the seller offers returns or refunds before making your purchase.

3. Use Paypal– when shopping online in general not just eBay. PayPal is the safest method of payment. When you use Paypal your payment information (i.e. your credit card) is not shared with the seller. PayPal securely submits your payment to the seller without having to share your banking information. Also Paypal offers buyer protection, this is tremendously helpful when purchasing high ticket items. In the event that you purchase a replica bag or something you can file a claim with Paypal to
get your money back!

These are the basic guidelines I follow when shopping on eBay. I hope this was helpful. Please feel free to ask questions.

Have a great weekend!