Hello Loves,

I’m very excited to share with you my thoughts on this very anticipated collection. The Phillip Lim for Target collection has been hands-down my favorite collaboration thus far.

Due to all the excitement surrounding the launch of this collection many of the pieces sold out immediately. I was lucky enough to snag all of the pieces that I wanted from the collection. I want to share with you guys my shopping strategy & let you know there is still time to pick up items from the collection!

First, I would like to share my thoughts overall of the collection. I feel as though Philip Lim did an amazing job at translating his style & designs into this affordable collection.

This collection featured various unique pieces that would fit into anyone’s wardrobe. I feel as though if you are looking for funky trendy pieces or even more sophisticated elegant pieces there’s something for everyone in this collection. I also admire the fact that all of the designs seem to be flattering on every body type.

I feel as though the overall quality of the items were comparable to the price you were paying. I did notice some of the stitching was off on some of the bags. I also noticed some loose threads here and there on some of the clothing items.

However, the fashion and style that is represented in this collection completely surpassed my expectations.

Finally, what everyone was talking about for this collection the 3.1 Phillip Lim handbags for Target! Again, I feel as though the handbag designs were a great representation of Philip Lim and the designs offered a style for everyone.

Okay, because I was super excited about this collection I previewed the collection and knew exactly what I wanted to get. This collection launched on September 15 and I was at my target store at 8am for the launch.

That day was a bit chaotic everyone was kind of just grabbing pieces and it was very hard to shop especially to inspect items. So my strategy on launch day was to pick up my three most desired pieces of the collection. That day I was successful at snagging those three pieces.

I knew there would be tons of returns and exchanges. So my next strategy to pick up the other pieces I wanted from the collection was simply to be patient.

The first couple of weeks following the launch was still difficult to get your hands on items.

However, now that the hype of the collection has died down a bit & those returns have slowly trickled in people have been overlooking.

The best part about it is because this is a limited collection all items are now on clearance and significantly reduced!

I got some amazing deals! I got a gorgeous peplum top for $8. I got one of the dresses from the collection for $11! I got the trench coat that I was dying for less than 30 bucks! The trench coat was originally priced at $79.99. I also got one of my handbags from the collection for about $20. So basically I was able to pick up all my items at less than half of the originally prices.

Of course, I used my Target RedCard & received me an additional 5% on all of my purchases!

So if you missed out on the collection or heard about it too late, or just didn’t get a chance to get the item you wanted. I suggest you have a peek into your local targets and check those clearance racks!

Good luck!