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Skincare Regimen

Hello Lovelies,

This post is dedicated to skincare, my personal tips & regimen. Ok, I am often asked about my skincare, more specifically what brand I use and why.

I have tried tons of skincare brands/products. Skincare was the one area that I didn’t instantly find something that worked well for me so I was forced to explore numerous brands until I found products that worked for me.

A little background on my skin. I have combination/ oily skin. I get very oily especially in my T-zone. If I don’t consistently take care of my skin I will breakout very easily. So it’s very important for me to maintain my routine to keep my skin in check.

So after trying tons of brands and products, I came across Kiehl’s! Let’s just say I am in love and my skin has never been better. I have been using these Kiehl’s products for about 2 years now and I am confident that this product is what has brought my skin back to life.

Ok I use the entire Kiehl’s Blue Herbal system. One tip I have is if you choose any brand try to use the entire line or system. I have found that skincare products perform at their best when used with it’s counterparts.
For example, don’t use an olay cleanser with an aveeno cream, to achieve the best results use one product line. This is one thing I learned after years of not ever being completely satisfied with my skin.

My regimen:

I cleanse my face twice a day with Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser.

I use Kiehl’s Astringent Herbal lotion nightly. This works so great and it doesn’t strip my face like other astringents.

I use Kiehl’s blue herbal moisturizer daily. This helps keeps my skin matte.

If I have a blemish I will use Kiehl’s blue herbal spot treatment at night.

I exfoliate once a week with Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion. This is amazing it’s the closest you can get to a spa facial treatment at home. I love this soo much I will be doing a product review on it.

One tip I have about exfoliation is do not exfoliate when you are having a breakout, it makes it worse.

I hope this post was helpful. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

You can purchase Kiehl’s products at select department stores and at

Also Kiehl’s offers samples of their products with purchase, so you can try out at home before committing to purchase.

Till next time


Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Giveaway winner

Hey Guys,

I hope you enjoyed the review and found it helpful. After every product review, one of my subscribers snag a fabulous giveaway. I am very excited about this giveaway because it is one of my favorite products ever! I hope the winner enjoys this item as much as I do!




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Product Review: Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Light-Weight Body Lotion – SPF 30

Hey Guys,

Its time for a product review! Today I will be reviewing a product that I purchased to try out for summer, Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Light-Weight Body Lotion – SPF 30. This is a light weight version of the classic Kiehl’s Creme de Corps lotion. I have previously reviewed the original version of this product, check out the review if you haven’t already. I am in love with the original version of this product.

So I decided to give this formula a try. I purchased this product back in June. It costs $27, for a 8.4 oz bottle, I bought it at Nordstrom, but it is sold at all Kiehl’s locations. I thought this product would be perfect for summer, the SPF 30 would be great for the hot summer sun.

Ok so this product is unscented, which I love. As I previously mentioned, I do not like using scented lotions during the day because I do not want the scent to interfere with the fragrance I am wearing.
This lotion is very moisturizing, and the moisture does last throughout the day. However, the only negative is that it lacks the best part of the Creme de Corps orignal lotion, the incredible sheen. The main reason I love the Kiehl’s creme de corps lotion is because it literally makes your skin glow with a fabulous sheen as though you are sun-kissed. Unfortunately, this formula does not give you that effect at all, this was a huge disappointment.

Overall this a good product, the SPF 30 is its main perk. However, I will not be re-purchasing this product. It just did not wow me and I do not need to have it in my rotation. However, if you are in the market for a very moisturizing SPF, you should check it out.

As always after my product reviews there is a giveaway! This time I will be giving away one of my all-tome faves , Kiehl’s Creme de Corps (original Formula) in the 8.4 oz! This is a $29 value. I am so excited to give this one my subscribers.

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Gone Forever

Hey guys,

Happy Friday!

I wanted to discuss discontinued products. Why do companies create amazing must have products only to discontinue them later. For someone like me, who is a very serious and loyal consumer this is devastating.

Ok so I have been on a wild goose chase trying to track down some products that I really enjoyed.

1. Donna Marie’s Cocoa Hemp Buttermilk (leave in conditioner) was just recently discounted. Now I am a fan of Donna Marie’s products, however before I could order a bottle of this stuff, boom DISCONTINUED! 😦

This product is being replaced by a new glycerin free leave in, which sounds great and all but I WANT SOME BUTTERMILK!

So what did I do, I combed the internet searching for a 3rd Party vendor that might have some. I checked eBay, amazon, and any other site that sells hair care. When that failed I called every store on the eastern part of the country that carries Donna Marie’s products, with no luck. Every location was sold out of this stuff. Now to see that this product has vanished so quickly makes me even more determined to get my hands on some, I mean that speaks volumes of how good the product is.

However, I stopped myself when I picked up the phone to dial a store in Canada.
I literally said to myself, Zara give it up, it’s gone. There is no need to start making international calls.

So I have just recently given up on the buttermilk. But I will be watching out for the new leave in once it’s launched.

2. MAC lipstick- Playtime from the quite cute collection.

I have been on the hunt for this lipstick for a while now. It originally was released in March of this year. It was a gorgeous shade of purple. However, by the time I went to pick mine up they were cleaned out. I have stopped in at every MAC store or counter since hoping to find a tube left, again with no luck.

Now the quite cute collection was a limited collection however you can still find items from the line in stores you just have to ask.

I could purchase this on eBay if I really wanted to do. However, because this lipstick is sold out and from a limited collection, it is sold for about $50 on eBay. This lipstick costs $14, and I am not paying $50 (even I know where to draw the line).

The good news if you are a MAC fan, they have a hotline for discontinued products. It’s called the gone but not forgotten hotline. If they can track down your product they will send you up to 6! That’s great and takes all away all the leg work for the costumer. The only thing is they don’t search for limited collection items, like playtime.

The hotline number is 1-800-216-7173.

3. Kiehl’s Forest Rain Body Spray. I loved this stuff. It was the perfect everyday fragrance. It was also very reasonably priced at $39. I wore this stuff almost everyday and saved my good stuff for special outings. This body spray is also unisex and my husband just recently started to wear & it smells even better on him.
I must admit once he started wearing it I retired it and let him have it. However, soon after I found out that Kiehl’s stopped making it, once they sell what they have it’s gone.

Now they still have some, so should I stock up or just let it go?

What do guys do when your faves are gone?